The Labour Party is in denial

It must be quite depressing to be a member or supporter of the Labour Party at the present time.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband
Labour Leader Ed Miliband

The number of people in work is the highest since records began in 1971. Joblessness is at a five-year low. Youth unemployment is going down. Our economy is growing at the fastest rate in Europe.

There are still issues to tackle, such as welfare dependency, unaffordable public sector pensions and the enormous, scandalous national debt. But, however good the economic situation, Labour supporters do not seem to welcome it.

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Hence, the letter from Sue Graham, acting agent of Burnley and Padiham CLP. They are in denial, and are saddled with Miliband and Balls, integral members of the Labour Government which got us into the mess from which we are slowly recovering.

Gordon Birtwistle may not be perfect, but it is true that Burnley and Padiham have improved more in the last four years than they did in 44 years represented by Labour.

F.W. Birch