The future of the Royal British Legion

I am writing to suggest that disaffiliation of Royal British Legion clubs would be a most topical subject to tackle.

Photo: Cathal McNaughton/PA
Photo: Cathal McNaughton/PA

Clitheroe Royal British Legion Club was established when £407 was received from the accumulated profits of the Army Canteen Fund after the First World War.

Each town was allocated a share of the fund according to its population of ex-Servicemen.

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Clitheroe’s share was £407 and the club had to become a member of the Royal British Legion.

When the money for the purchase of the club was sent to Clitheroe, it was with the specific and definite purpose that, for all time, the club should look after the interests and welfare of ex-Servicemen and their dependents, perhaps leading to a rule change.

Clitheroe now finds the membership fee of £14 a year, plus £6 branch membership, is deterring many people (younger and older) from becoming members of the club. Similar clubs within the town are only charging between £5 and £10 a year.

Surely we should be changing the rules to allow a club to affiliate through the payment of a single club subscription rather than requiring each individual member of the club to also be a member of the Legion?

Carole Galbraith,

Manchester Road, Burnley