Thanks to police for saving the day

The other Saturday morning I noticed my van rear window was smashed and my power drill, which had been covered by bags of rubble and impossible to see from the window, was missing.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 16th July 2014, 12:25 pm

There followed a busy day phoning the police and reporting the accident then trying to get my back window repaired at a cost of £80, which I imagine is considerably less than my old drill would fetch, especially in the circles our thieves frequent.

All this time wasted away from my wife and two small children. It is the time that hurt more than the money as I, unlike our thieves most probably, work full time Monday to Friday and my weekend is important to me. I suppose the thieves don’t really care about my time or that of my wife and kids and never mind the repair costs, why would they?

Thankfully, a few hours after reporting the crime a police officer rang to tell me my tools had been found. They were thrown out of a moving vehicle during a car chase which sadly ended when the thieves escaped on foot. The officer did say they were hopeful of DNA evidence but told me there would be little in the way of compensation, probably as the thieves only income would be flogging stolen power tools at a quarter of their worth. That and, of course, their benefits.

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This is simply to say there are still a lot of good people out there even though it feels like people like our uncaring and uneducated thieves are taking over. A big thank you to Burnley police for saving the day. Fingers crossed for a prosecution.