Stop crying crocodile tears over bypass bid

I am not happy that the green fields around Colne might be built on.
Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.
Traffic on the busy North Valley Road.

Nor am I happy to see Andrew Stephenson MP and Conservative councillors queuing-up to express opposition considering it is their party in government that has driven a coach-and-horses through Pendle Council’s Local Plans and planning regulations.

As usual the Conservative Party (this time aided shamefully by the Liberal-Democrats) is allowing big business to walk all over us. Sadly the utterances from the Labour Party show their position is even worse.

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Locally councillors cannot halt the development juggernaut. If you do not believe me then go and ask them.

The Conservatives on Pendle Council should stop crying crocodile tears. They should be urging their government to stop this shambles.

Some hope! The modern day Conservative Party is nothing more than a Trojan horse for big business and the primacy of greed.

They know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

Dismayed voter

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