Shame on you ... how is this news?

I have written and rewritten a response to the front page of the Advertiser last week and have now realised that whatever I write, it will not be good enough to convey my distress and anger about the article.
Gavin Whalley aat Blackburn Magistrates CourtGavin Whalley aat Blackburn Magistrates Court
Gavin Whalley aat Blackburn Magistrates Court

If the point of the article is to provoke a debate on the moral attitude of Clitheroe and society in general (which I very much doubt) it is absolutely despicable you have used the misfortune of one individual to do so.

I know there are some people who would argue Gavin has chosen this lifestyle and is not accepting of help when offered.

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This is true, Gavin has refused food and clothing from me in the past and it is difficult to understand why he won’t accept help.

Does this give us the right to make judgements?

I don’t claim to know all the facts, but I do know this – the effect this article has had on those involved is devastating.

Shame on you Clitheroe Advertiser – how is this news?

Francesca Marsden,

by email

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