Serious concerns after my hospital stay

I am writing in the hope of highlighting major concerns I developed during my recent stay in Blackburn Hospital.
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I had pnuemonia and ecoli and stayed for five days on Ward C7. The staff were amazing but please listen to my concerns:

1) Wrong medication/dose given to me and other patients.

2) Staff seemed too busy to know what they were doing.

3) Sending patients home unwell.

4) Having patients wait seven hours for tablets so they could go home.

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5) One lady had been in for six hours and no-one was available to take her to the toilet so I did.

6) Patients coming through with no name tags on.

7) Ward full (seven beds in female ward) then three of us left and then it was full again.

8) One lady could have gone into a coma because no medication was given to her three times.

9) They lost one lady’s medication when she came in and gave her the wrong tablets and wrong dose.

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10) No medication on the ward and the poor nurses were running up and down like headless chickens.

11) Food so salty it was dangerous.

The purpose of this letter is not to complain about the staff or doctors in any way. It is to highlight the fact the staff are so overworked it is dangerous and lives are being put at risk.

All the patients I have described in this letter have consented and know I am writing this letter.

This cannot continue.

Miss Marie Cooney

Palmerston Street


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