Sean Dyche is ‘the ginger Mourinho’

I was very interested to hear that Watford and Gianfranco Zola parted company.

Burnley Manager Sean Dyche. Photo: Dave Howarth/PA Wire.
Burnley Manager Sean Dyche. Photo: Dave Howarth/PA Wire.

This is the same club that was taken over by fat cat businessmen and immediately went about sacking current personnel they didn’t know because they wanted “a name”, who they thought would get them success.

In this case they have failed miserably and have no doubt seen Burnley up at the top under a manager they didn’t rate. It’s odd his name comes up when other jobs become available.

He has got us in a tremendous position on a shoestring budget because there are no “big time Charlies” at Burnley. He has instilled a togetherness in what he calls “The Group”.

What has happened at Watford is history in Sean Dyche’s eyes but he is probably having a quiet chuckle to himself. But that won’t distract him from the great job he is doing at Burnley. He’s doing more than OK because we haven’t christened him the “ginger Mourinho” for nothing!

M. Hibbert