Scandal of Burnley FC senior concession rate

I am writing to express my disgust at Burnley FC for the way they are treating their fans and elderly fans at that.

Turf Moor.
Turf Moor.

I have just read the ticket prices for Swansea away and they give senior concession to those aged 60 and over. Local and national buses still use aged 60 for the senior concession rate.

Burnley FC have raised their seniors age to 65 and have the bare-faced cheek to signal out the Government’s pension harmonisation policy to justify this outrage.

Burnley appears to have two classes of seniors, those who had their concession from age of 60 can keep their concession tickets, but new senior citizens have to wait till they reach 65.

Well they are even ahead of the Government on this as that harmonisation is still years away

For their information, the harmonised retirement age is a few years away yet and females are collecting their state pension before 65 but are not senior enough for a concession ticket at t’turf.

Our town, our club with local lads and local fans on the board...really ?

Mr G. Donnelly