Savaged livestock is becoming the norm

The front page exposure of local residents being shocked and devastated at the sight of a sheep worried by dogs (Clitheroe Advertiser, December 26th) is unfortunately becoming the norm for livestock farmers with animals grazing near built-up areas.

Friday, 10th January 2014, 8:46 pm
A dead sheep which was left tied to a gate next to a public footpath in Whalley. apparently as a demonstration of what harm loose dogs can do.

I personally have found both sheep and lambs savaged and maimed on no less than three occasions in a similar area, with dog owners, if found, showing no remorse whatever.

I have over the years been indebted to neighbours residing in Kingsmill Avenue, reporting attacks by unaccompanied dogs on sheep, both heavily in-lamb and with lambs at foot, with the offending animals making off towards the new estate when challenged.

Livestock farmers care for their animals and are equally upset at the sight of any animal found dead under natural circumstances, but when confronted by the sheer arrogance of a very small minority of irresponsible dog owners, you have an overwhelming feeling this should be brought to the attention of the public and encourage everyone to be extremely vigilant in trying to stamp out this butchery.

John Townson

Brook House Farm, Whalley