Responsible dog owners should pick up others’ mess?

As a resident of Clitheroe I am writing regarding the continuing discussion on dog poo.

Friday, 29th August 2014, 4:14 pm
Generic dog waste bin shot

I have just been out for a walk down by the river at Edisford. I found fresh dog poo on the path where lots of children play.

When my wife and myself were on holiday recently in Scotland we were walking in the countyside and just a few yards in front of us were a young couple with a toddler who they had on reins.

Before they could stop her, the little girl picked up some dog poo on the path they just managed to stop her putting it in her mouth.

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This illustrates to me how important it is to keep up the pressure on dog owners.

Perhaps responsible dog owners (and I know there are many) could start picking up any dog poo they come across when out walking even if it is not their own dog who has made the mess. By doing this this they would get many non-dog owners on their side.

J. Butler