Rent out your spare room to a Romanian

I am absolutely appalled to learn that after all the misery and suffering brought about by this Government, Atos fiasco etc, Iain Duncan Smith has been making matters worse.

Thursday, 23rd January 2014, 12:30 pm

I have discovered he regularly Tweets his views to the nation and would like to share one his pearls of wisdom!

Sent two days ago, I quote: “Avoid paying the bedroom tax on your spare room by renting it out to a Romanian”.

What a dreadful and insensitive thing to say, especially for those in the North-West and nationwide who are struggling to pay this ludicrous tax.

Apparently he Tweets equally vile messages aimed at the sick and vulnerable every other day!

What a sad state of affairs. Maybe he should do us all a favour and emigrate himself! The farther the better!

Martin Turner