Real facts instead of Tory propoganda

Regarding last week’s letter by F.W. Birch, I’m afraid he is right and it is depressing sometimes being a Labour supporter but only because of naive and gullible people like the writer.
Prime Minister David CameronPrime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

Really he or she should get out more and find out the real facts instead of reciting the latest Tory propoganda as little of what was written is true.

For a start, the economic collapse of 2008 was caused by the banks as anyone with an IQ in double figures recognises. And the recovery from that was well underway with a growth figure of 1% in the last month of the Labour administration (this is a figure the Tories have yet to match in their 49 months in charge). This was crushed by Cameron and his mob who created a second recession.

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As for the other points raised by the reader. Youth unemployment is not down. It is almost double left by Labour.

The so-called recovery is distorted by the fact our recession was far worse than anywhere else in Europe or beyond so the base is far lower to rise from. The debt is only going down, slowly, because of the selling off of our assets in privatisation. This is something the Conservatives love to do (NHS on the way next).

Yet nobody can name ANYTHING privatisation has helped the public with. Yet people like Mr or Mrs Birch continue to listen to the same old excuses. Perhaps with a bit of luck the country will be back to the level it was before the coalition wrecked it but I doubt it.

In fact I know we have freedom of speech but I’m surprised a reputable paper like the Express gives time and space to such ill-conceived and gullible material.

David Entwistle


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