Rain has shown up homes plan problems

Two days of rain and what happens? It exposes either the total incompetance of some of the expert evidance, or it’s less than truthful content at the Waddow Inquiry.
Rain drops rippling in a puddleRain drops rippling in a puddle
Rain drops rippling in a puddle

All three bridges under the railway flooded. We were told at the inquiry United Utilities have solved the flooding problem. A major part of the Waddow View site was under water, with the stream through the site running at flood level. We were told there was no problem with flooding on the site. A great demonstration of an inadequate infrstructure.

As I understand it, officers of Ribble Valley are paid by we, the residents of the Ribble Valley, so why do they work against us? And councillors are elected to represent our views, they were told about all these things yet do not have the guts to stand up and tell truth. They would rather play party politics.

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In three months some councillors will be really suprised when they do not get elected. This two days of rain has has been the best pre-election non-political element in the Ribble Valley to make the electorate turn out and give a message to all candidates

Roland Hailwood