Rail problems cause gridlock in Clitheroe

It was with interest I read the article in the Advertiser (October 17th) pertaining to discussions about the rail crossing and future increases in road/rail traffic through it.
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a level crossing. 090902M2b.

While proposed house building in this and many local areas seems to be a never ending tsunami of applications/plans etc, organised protest groups seem to be the only defence to any future development.

Having lived in Whalley from 1954 to 2007, I witnessed an idyllic little village converted into a mini town, due to developments on Moor Edge/Moorfield, Whittam Road, Abbeyfields, Hayhurst Road, Woodlands Park, Calderstones Park etc., all with little or no infrastructure – improvements which have led to what is now “bottleneck Whalley”.

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Having now lived in Clitheroe for six years, things are very similar, but also due to worsen. Trains every half-hour seem to be a good transport addition, but where is the rail station for the ever expanding population at the southern end of town?

To the top of Henthorn Park, already complete with bridge, seems to be a great spot, but a car park would need to be provided to reduce extra town-bound traffic.

Only last month, a problem with the crossing gates caused gridlock through Bawdlands and into town. At times like this, where’s Plan B for the traffic? Through Mitton and congested Whalley, yes, that will do for a cheap Plan B.

In my opinion, local authorities throughout Britain, backed by the government, should have the powers to impose infrastructure improvements on any development plan and maybe the building tsunami will be checked then.

George Reynolds,

Woone Lane, Clitheroe

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