Quick to stop benefits, but not pay them back!

I am a single man of 51 who has been unable to work for some years due to serious health issues.

Cash notes 20s
Cash notes 20s

In April, following a 10-minute examination by a supposed health expert working for the French company Atos, I was informed by the Department for Work and Pensions I was deemed fit for work.

Soon after, my benefit was axed and I had to launch an appeal which took seven months. During this time I had to exist off just £66 a week before any gas, electric, poll tax, etc.

Over a month ago, I won my appeal but as yet have not received any money owed in back payment or had my benefit altered in accordance with the court ruling. The DWP was quick enough to stop my money, sadly now it seems to be on a go-slow!

I urge anyone in a similar position to appeal if they know they are being treated poorly. Not all people on benefits are fit to do some form of work. I’m living proof of that.

Martin Turner