Public should be warned about shut down

On Saturday, October 18th, my son took his mother to watch our grandson swimming.

Thursday, 6th November 2014, 5:00 am
My son had to negotiate three flights of stairs with the wheelchair

My wife had a massive stroke at the end of February so now she is in a wheelchair. After swimming was over my son took his mother to the top of the building so that she could see the outlying town. When they were ready to come down they found that the lifts were shut down and not working. He called out to some people he saw down below but they said they could do nothing about it.

As a result of this, he had to negotiate three flights of stairs with the wheelchair (a very dangerous procedure by any stretch of the imagination).

He saw a woman at the bottom who asked what he was doing and after my son explained to her what had happened she said that she could not have done anything about it.

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Seemingly, after a certain time all of the top half of the building is locked off. My son did not see any notices explaining this procedure and also did not see any security people about.

Even if after the time of shut down, the security people should have double checked there was no-one up above the building on the top floor. If he had fallen or tripped getting the wheelchair down the three flights of stairs this could have been disastrous for both my son and his mother.

This situation needs to be looked into ASAP so it does not happen again.

B. Whittaker

Manchester Road