Politicians think they can spin any old fairy tale

The BBC Panorama programme of February 9th – while covering much ground already in the public gaze regarding tax avoidance and government collusion in same – really does make anyone with eyes to see wonder and dismay at just what sort of people inhabit our governments.

House of Commons
House of Commons

This dismay is not helped by the glib statements of spokespeople and ministers (who are part of a criminal dereliction of duty) such as: “... everything is OK now, we have got our house in order ...” and “We have done more than anyone else to bring tax cheats to book.” etc. while actively working with great gusto in the opposite direction.

These are supposedly responsible people, who clearly think they can spin any old fairy tale and have it believed.

Apart from the main culprits in this – the current coalition – we must not forget Labour, and their light touch, which was a leading player in the blind-eye-for-business game that started this devastating increase in corruption rolling.

Meanwhile with a general election looming, the media still wheels out these three miscreants as though they are the only likely contenders for carrying on the business of running our country ... are you as mad as them, or will you make a difference by voting for someone else who is not a proven failure? What of the country’s future?

You may doubtingly question, I say, could anyone be gifted enough to do worse than this?

Colin Eastwood

Briercliffe (via email)