Police needed to stop traffic chaos

Every morning I drive down Leamington Avenue towards Thursby Road to turn onto Eastern Avenue and every morning I am amazed at the chaos caused by inconsiderate drivers.
Traffic chaos. Generic imageTraffic chaos. Generic image
Traffic chaos. Generic image

There are people taking children to school, taxi drivers who seem to stop where ever they want to let people out regardless of other drivers, granted they are earning a living but do they need to be so ignorant of others? Children walking in front of cars. I guess it will take another major accident before anyone is really bothered.

My biggest gripe is that there are no police present to ensure a smooth going-on, I guess it would involve them having to do some work instead of just sitting in a lay-by hoping to catch a motorist speeding.

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If there was a police presence, maybe drivers would be more careful and considerate, thus allowing the traffic to move instead of being bottled-necked and causing major problems. Surely if enough people complain something could be done about it.

A concerned motorist

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