Poem: Talking politics at the Watford Gap

Labour Leader Ed Miliband in the House of Commons. Photo: PA WireLabour Leader Ed Miliband in the House of Commons. Photo: PA Wire
Labour Leader Ed Miliband in the House of Commons. Photo: PA Wire
Driving down the motorway,

Miliband, Cameron and Clegg,

They stopped at the Watford Gap cafe

To partake of bacon and egg.

As soon as their tastebuds were sated

They relaxed and started to chat,

Each wondered what the other

Had hidden under his hat.

Cleggy was on the defensive

His party is not at its best.

The yellow ribbons are flying.

Might as well lay them to rest.

Miliband blustered and floundered

His policies failed to impress

He passed over immigration

Trying hard to digress.

He tried to upstage the Tories

Making their ideas his own,

Talking as if devolution

Had its source from Eddie alone.

The NHS is in trouble

Ed thinks he should be in charge,

Borrowing plenty of money

And making the deficit large.

Cameron seethed in the corner,

Reducing our debt is his aim,

He says “we’re all in it together”

Insists we must all play the game.

His pledge is reducing taxation,

Middle class Britain will gain

Dave thinks they should all be rewarded

For sacrifices and pain.

The food was gone and the coffee,

all conversation was dead.

The job of footing the food bill

seemed to have fallen to Ed.

He seemed to object to this process,

Starting a big argy barge.

When into the Watford Gap cafe

A grinning Nigel Farage.

Riding his on successes

He greeted his rivals with glee.

He knows they will soon be debating

And thrashing it out on TV.

He wants to curb immigration

And says he has throught it all through,

Keep the borders restricted,

And take us out of EU

The meeting of minds had concluded

They started off on their way.

The public must be deluded

To believe a word that they say.

Muriel Maden



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