Poem: How to live a healthy life

For ages now, me and the wife, have tried to lead a healthy life.

We’ve eaten muesli by the ton, and every week we swim and run.

Sugar’s banished from our diet, and food high in salt, we never buy it.

Burgers never touch our lips, neither do kebabs or chips.

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For fruit and veg. we’re more than manic, everything must be organic.

We scorn foodstuffs that are modified, checking labels till we’re bleary eyed.

Meats, red and white, are all rejected, just in case they are infected.

So what you ask is our favoured dish, would you believe, the King of Fish?

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Now it seems that salmon that’s been farmed has got the scientists alarmed.

“Eat this fish only twice a year”, is the warning loud and clear.

With our healthy lifestyle under stress, what can we eat, well who can guess?

You can bet the next food that we choose, someone, somewhere, will abuse!

D. Walker