Please help me find my missing sister Margaret

I am writing from Australia in a rather desperate quest to try to find my mystery (and missing) sister Margaret Anne, born June 15th 1953, now aged 60. I am the second of six children fathered in the UK by Angus Forbes to six different women at different times in his life.

I have found our eldest sister Sandra in Yorkshire and a younger brother Gus in Middlesex. Happily, we get on well. Sandra, a warm, genuine, gentle soul aged 70 has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has wanted to meet Margaret since we learned of her existence in 1984.

Our father passed away in 1995. At that time I located a member of Margaret’s maternal family living in Kirkby Lonsdale. We were unable to discover Margaret’s surname (which effectively blocked further inquiries) and until now have respected the request of that relative to refrain from further contact.

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I believe Margaret has an older sister by her mother’s first marriage to a man named Proctor. Margaret’s maternal grandfather was a school teacher called Jones and we believe Mrs Proctor later married a gentleman by the name of Livingstone.

Now, in the light of Sandra’s illness, time may become an issue. I don’t know what else to do but ask for help from your readers. To avoid disappointing her, I have not mentioned this initiative to Sandra. I know she would wish Margaret be free to make her own unpressured choice of whether she wants to communicate with us.

We are affectionate, responsible people with loved and loving families of our own. We are very much aware of the sensitivities and possible emotion this news might cause but, on the other hand, we have a unique story – a long family history which is nothing short of riveting. And I have many family photos dating back to the 19th Century which have been carefully cotton-wooled for the specific purpose of sharing.

Please readers, any small clue may help. My name and email address is [email protected] and my phone number is 001161 (0) 435 260626. My postal address for those who prefer snail mail is 101 The Entrance Road, Erina, NSW, Australia 2250.

Francene Reo