Please help me find baby brother’s grave

I wonder if any or your readers could help me regarding a disappearance of my infant brother.

Let me fill you in how this came about. My name is Joseph Mcardle I came to Clitheroe in 1941 from Liverpool to escape the May blitz on our city.

I came with my mother and two brothers, as my father was serving in the Royal Navy at that time. We stayed with my aunt, Edith Ashton, and her husband Jack, just off Whalley Road for a short time.

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We also stayed with a lady just across the road for a short time. Her name was Lilly Holden. We then moved to Craven Street and finally settled in 25 Wilkin Square until the end of the war.

During the four years or so we lived in Clitheroe, my mother gave birth to a baby boy named Michael John Mcardle, but he died aged nine months. I have tried unsuccessfully over the past year or so to locate his burial place.

He died on March 3rd 1943 at Waddow Hall Emergency Hospital, Waddington. The registration district was Settle and the Sub-District was Gisburn, County of York, West Riding.

I have been in contact with Judith Paliga who does the grave search from your local offices, but although she tried to help, she came to dead end. I find it unbelievable my brother died all those years ago and no trace can be found in the town where he passed away.

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I am 77 years of age and would at least be profoundly grateful if anyone can help me and what is left of his family so we could place a flower on his grave. I come to Clitheroe each year to remember my happiest times of my childhood.

If anyone can help, please contact me using the details below.

Joe McArdle,

22 Pickworth Way, Melling, Merseyside, L31 1JS. Tel. 01515464304. Email: [email protected]