Parish and town councils are drain on the taxpayer

Coun. Janet Whincup is quite right in saying town and parish councillors do not receive any payment, but let me dispel any illusions there might be that the councils themselves are not another drain on the taxpayer.

One has only to check their balance sheets to see that or wages and admin costs alone, we fork out tens of thousands of pounds every year.

I could accept them if all those extra pairs of eyes helped to keep Pendle spick and span, but they don’t. Judging by the piles of rubbish fouling up the streets around where I live they either never travel down them, or if they do, have their eyes tightly shut.

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Is it too much to expect of all our councillors irrespective of whether they are paid or not, that as they drive, walk, even cycle through their ward that when they see fly-tipped rubbish, grotspots, dangerous pavements, potholes etc etc, they immediately pick up the phone and report it to the appropriate council department?


Smith Street, Nelson