Parents are backing new Burnley High School

As a parent I feel there has been a great deal written about the new school lately by those politically opposed to it.

From what I have heard at the parents’ evenings and read from the school, there have been a number of inaccuracies in what has been said by those opposed to the opening of Burnley High School. I feel it’s time for parents to have their say. After all, it is their children we are talking about.

I know that choosing a secondary school for your child is one of the most important decisions any parent will take and know there are a great many parents who wholeheartedly support the creation of a new school to give greater choice. I have attended both the parents’ meetings for Burnley High School in which every parent who spoke fully supported the need for a new school to raise standards and offer greater choice.

If those people opposing Burnley High School had attended these evenings they would know Burnley High School will only employ fully-qualified teachers and will follow the National Curriculum. The headteacher has already been appointed ready for the school to open in September 2014 and she has a very impressive track record in starting excellent new schools. She is also an Ofsted inspector and knows exactly what it takes to create an outstanding school.

Burnley High School is very attractive to parents, many of whom, like myself, are looking for a school that is smaller than some secondary schools and can offer one-to-one mentoring and high-quality education tailor-made for each child.


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Parents have a right to be able to choose a good school for their child’s education and other good schools should have nothing to fear from another good school opening in the area. Given the initial success of the sister school in Atherton, which I have visited on more than one occasion with my child, I am more than happy to support this new school as an alternative to the choice currently available in Burnley.

Mrs A. Rawcliffe