Painting over yellow lines reported to police

Recently, the Highways Department of Lancashire County Council implemented parking restrictions in Hurst Green, with double yellow lines around the war memorial in the centre of the village and on the adjoining corners.

Wednesday, 26th June 2013, 12:48 pm

This work has been under discussion by the parish council for over three years. The matter has been with the county council for at least two years.

Following a proper consultation by the county council, including the consideration of any written objections, the Cabinet Member for Highways gave the go-ahead in January. The proposals had also been advertised in the village newsleter, Round the Green, and parking had already been restricted by temporary bollards around the war wemorial for over a year.

The new lines are thinner and of lighter colour, in accordance with similar schemes in villages in the Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and are both legal and enforcable.

The parish council is disappointed the yellow lines have been vandalised, with three stretches painted over in black. This may be just a prank, however the matter has been reported to LCC Highways and the Highways Department is to repaint the yellow lines.

They have also confirmed the works were implemented in light of local concerns and following consultation, and the vandalism has been reported by the county council to the police to action as a criminal offence.

David Bland,

Chairman of Aighton, Bailey and Chaigley Parish Council