Our hospitals are doing a marvellous job

Our local NHS, A&E and Urgent Care have had lots of bad press recently so when my husband aged 83 had a fall we went to Urgent Care at Burnley with reservations and expected to be there for many hours.
Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General Hospital.Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General Hospital.
Urgent Care Centre at Burnley General Hospital.

How wrong can one be.

There was only a five-minute wait before being taken to a treatment room where we were treated with courtesy, patience and every conceivable test was carried out to ensure my husband had no long-term problems from his fall.

The staff were amazing with everything being explained fully and why each test was being done.

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After his injuries were cleaned up and we were given a brew, a member of physiotherapy and Age UK came to talk to us and arrange for a home visit to see if any aids or advice was needed to avoid further falls. We were back home in less than two hours, were happy the treatment received was second to none and want to publicly thank our Urgent Care department for being so understanding, helpful and making our visit stress free.

Well done and thank you, all of you, and trust that in a small way this letter will let others see our hospitals are (from our experience) doing a marvellous job.

Marion Hargreaves

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