One rule for ruling classes, another for rest of us

What is going on in this country? We appear to have one rule for the ruling classes and another rule for the rest of us.

Wednesday, 31st July 2013, 8:21 pm
Protest against alleged police corruption. George Street, Wakefield

The time is fast arriving when normal folk will say enough is enough.

Our MPs fiddle their expenses and accept cash for questions and lobbying but don’t get sacked. They have second or third jobs but ask us to believe it doesn’t affect their work as an MP.

The people in charge of the health service are involved in cover-up after cover-up while making people sign confidentiality clauses and threatening whistle-blowers.

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Some police have shown themselves to be totally corrupt and untrustworthy. And even when found to be so, nothing happens to the people responsible. They are transferred or put on gardening leave on full pay with their pensions not affected.

The bankers nearly bring the country to its knees while still paying themselves big bonuses and not one person has been prosecuted. Directors’ pay rises are well above inflation while a growing number of workers are on the minimum wage, which has to be topped up with tax credits paid for by us, the taxpayers.

Why should we be subsidising big businesses who are making millions? These very same big businesses are using every tax avoidance scheme going to avoid paying what they rightfully should.

Some national press have been found to be phone-hacking among other things but still have not had any regulations imposed, while the BBC have been paying ridiculous severance packages for being incompetent.

But who are the people who get the blame for our now very broken society? You guessed it, the people on welfare. They are labelled scroungers and do not want to work. This is probably true in a small number of cases, but the vast majority want to work but cannot find a job. All the jobs which the government say have been created are part-time or given zero hour contracts on minimum wage. I for one am sick of this unequal society. We are all in this together: don’t make me laugh!

Simon Dean

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