Once thriving community looks like it has been bombed

My, what is going on in our once loved Burnley Wood, for many years a fabulous, friendly place to be?

Friday, 24th January 2014, 5:55 pm
Photo: Phil Glover

Then, about 18 years ago, a block of houses were emptied and the owners were evicted from the site for Sure Start, although it was a few years before it happened.

Several years later and it began to fester quickly, as if it was a dying tentacle. Then there was a farce of meetings to see what the community wanted. Before you could say boo, demolition started and soon a once thriving community looked as if it had been bombed.

So it seems a caring council and building company are not to worry what locals think. They have closed a community centre, a playground and a football ground. Also, they moved a play area with no notice and then took almost a year to reopen it. So much for caring for the local community.

Mr M. Mobey