Not the full story on wind turbines

I write in response to Mr Roche’s comments which express his wish to discuss wind turbines and their performance but which omitted the facts I raised and the borough councillors’ reason for their decision.

Wind turbine. GM037442
Wind turbine. GM037442

To have us believe the decision of the council was based on selfish and “Nimby grounds” as implied is clearly contemptuous.

Planning rules are not entirely based on how many objections or agreements are received. They are only part of the planning process, for Mr Roche is fully aware there are other valid, fair and reasonable grounds which have to be taken into consideration further.

His comments from one to 10 have clearly not been fully articulated and are irrelevant in any event. One of the facts that concern all wind turbines, off or on shore, is the added cost to every electric bill payer to the tune of £1.2b. between 2012 and 2013 and rising.

Clearly not in our interest in terms of cost alone, there are other factors Mr Roche has chosen to omit. These wind turbines are fully reliant on subsidy and do not compete, which is clearly distorting competition law, nor can they be relied upon. The facts go on and on, therefore Mr Roche, I invite you to challenge me on the points raised.


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However, I recommend you read Prof. Ian Fells’ and Candida Whitmill’s excellent report “A Pragmatic Policy”. Dr Ian Fells was consulted on this issue. He chairs the international conferences on sustainable energy.

Chris Taylor

Trawden Parish Council