No one will help a community living in fear

anti-social behaviouranti-social behaviour
anti-social behaviour
As I write this letter, with a tear in my eye, I have got to ask: do the powers-that-be here in Burnley really know what it’s like to be a prisoner in your own home?

I think we would find the answer is a big, fat no. It is simply just not fair when you cannot open your windows and doors or sit-out and enjoy this lovely weather because of selfish individuals.

As my tears turn to anger, I have to say to the police officers that often tell us: “Sorry but we can’t enforce it,” or “I don’t believe you” and the councillors we can never get hold of, along with all the others who tell us there is nothing we can do, that if it was outside your semi-detached property or big, fancy farmhouse, I’d put odds on there would be something you could do then.

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So, to all of the people we pay to protect and help us, just remember the next time you are out in your lovely gardens in peace and quiet, spare a thought for the people living in fear who you are paid to help.

Bank Hall Resident

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