No benefits for five years for migrants

I find it very disturbing to read that, in the three years up to 2011, EU migrants without a job living in this country had risen by more than 600,000, so how many were here before 2007, and how many more have come here in the years since? This is anybody’s guess, I suppose.
UK Border Agency officer checking a passport. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA WireUK Border Agency officer checking a passport. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire
UK Border Agency officer checking a passport. Photo: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Our Border Agency has no idea. The Government calls these people, job-seekers – JOB SEEKERS. If the Government expect us to believe these people are seeking jobs they are insulting our intelligence. The majority of them are here, and will continue to come here, to exploit our generous benefits system, which the PM is now being urged to slash, and not before time, and not just to migrants. There are plenty of our own who are able but have no intention of wanting to work for a living as they get too much money for not working.

Migrants wanting to come here should first be able to prove they can support themselves, from their own country of origin, and be refused to travel and enter this country if unable to do so, as they have to be able to do in many other countries, and not be entitled to benefits of any kind for at least five years until they have contributed into the system, and also pay their doctors and hospital fees for the same period.

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This would discourage the benefit scroungers from coming here. This is not rocket science, it is common sense. What next?! Are they also going to allow elderly migrants to go straight onto a full old-age pension into which the elderly people of this country have had to contribute to since leaving school and starting work aged 15? This country cannot afford to do this.

For many years now the non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels have eroded our laws – laws we have had for hundreds of years – which will last till this country is no longer able to govern itself in a sensible manner, not helped by some of our elderly brain dead judges’ verdicts on human rights.

Tory MP Adam Afriyie is branded a rebel as he wants a referendum in 2014 on whether or not to stay in, or opt out of Europe, as opposed to PM Cameron saying he will give us one in 2017. If he to be believed! Cameron says under no circumstances will he allow Parliament to vote on MP Afriyie’s proposal.

This sounds very dictatorial to me and not a bit democratic, don’t you think?

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Democracy in this country, as well as our laws, has been eroded till it barely exists. We were told by the Blair Government only 13,000 Polish migrants would come to this country but it is estimated there are a million and a half here now.

The Cameron Government is telling us the same story about the new border changes in 2014. I don’t for one minute believe him. Do you?

Pete Gardiner

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