New homes plan is a parking disaster

With regard to the sadly now approved planning application for three houses in Water Street, Earby, I am in total agreement with Coun. Morris Horsfield that this is a disaster!

Three houses, two with three bedrooms and one even bigger with four, could well mean up to six cars, two per house, to find parking spaces in a road which is far too narrow for any more cars to park on already. With huge agricultural vehicles using this road as well, it is a totally crazy idea.

There is mention of spaces being made available for three small cars - what will happen to any other cars (possibly larger ones) the house owners may possess with nowhere to park? Earby, with its many old terraced houses with no garages, has barely enough roadside parking for all the cars already owned, without adding to the problem.

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If two houses had been planned rather than three, might it not have been possible to provide off-road parking for them using the space a third house would have taken up? Surely this would have been a far better idea than cramming in another big house and then having to dig up and ruin part of a lovely, little, green area, which I’m sure the residents of this part of Water Street do not want to happen.

We live opposite the delightful, little green which is mentioned as a possible place to partly destroy to make way for parking places and as we have no garden of our own that little oasis of two lovely trees and grassy area is especially precious. I am appalled this application has gone through and wait with great sadness for the destruction to begin.

Tessa Bird


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