New bypass should follow train tracks

There’s a lot of discussion and debate about a proposed bypass at the moment. This debate is much needed. Colne is completely grid-locked and economic development from Colne to West Craven is massively stifled because of it. Something must be done.

We’ve just heard that in the county council’s sloppy consultation there is some opposition to the preferred Brown route. I understand this as it would cut through some of Pendle’s beautiful countryside.

The route that nobody seems to want to publicly stand up for though and yet makes eminently the most sense is for the bypass to built on the route of the old train tracks.

Yes, I said it, down Selrap’s train line. It seems no politicians want to say this as it means upsetting the long-standing campaign group, who admittedly have campaigned hard for the re-opening of the train line ... but the re-opening of the Colne to Skipton line is never going to happen! Sorry, but everyone knows this £80m. idea is never going to happen!

It’s time the county council also admitted this and came back to the table with the proposed road to go down on the old train tracks. To me this will be £40m. well spent and I am quite sure there would be a lot more public backing for this than either the Brown route or a new train line.

Richard Harrison