Need for pedestrian crossings is pressing

I write following your article about Mrs Nicola Birtwell’s campaign for a safe route to school for pupils walking to Christ Church Primary School and would like to add the support of the local Labour Party.

Friday, 27th December 2013, 12:24 pm
Pedestrian Crossing

We have been assured for some years that a pedestrian crossing facility will be provided at the junction of Keighley Road and Byron Road.

This was announced ages ago as part of a safe route to school for Park High pupils.

The assurances have come from our Pendle East Conservative County Councillors, firstly Mike Calvert and now Paul White.

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My understanding is that Horsfield residents have been similarly promised a further pedestrian crossing in Byron Road, near the bus stops, will be installed for the elderly.

Also, following the 536-name petition gathered by Mrs Lesley Colbeck, a pedestrian crossing will be installed in Skipton Road near where a serious accident occurred as part of a safe route for pupils to both Park High and Park Primary Schools.

Then we have the question of the obvious need for a pedestrian crossing near the post office in Skipton Road where there used to be a school crossing patrol and I think the sign is still on the lamp post.

Thanks to our Lib Dem and Tory councillors, we do have a puffin crossing near Sainsbury’s in Windsor Street provided by Sainsbury’s S106 money.

While I have personally used this crossing it does not provide any faster route to Sainsbury’s than does the one at the Langroyd Road traffic lights and I would suggest it was installed in the wrong place, perhaps?

David Foat

Horsfield Labour Party Secretary