Name and shame those responsible for parking chaos

Why has this nursery been allowed to fence off a large part of the Bull Holme Car Park?

On Friday I discussed this with another dog walker and we could see the problems it would bring.

On Saturday, with only one football match on, there were only a few spectators but the car park had overflowed.

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On a Sunday, when there is more than one match on, there has already been insufficient parking places so this action has very predictably worsened the situation.

On top of this is the new cycle track (some cyclists drive to Bull Holme) and I have noticed an increase in cars I suspect may be due to the new nursery on the main road, which leads to the question: what happens when that building is fully occupied? Do they also park there?

As I have mentioned the cycle track and that pedestrians are the majority here, I would also ask why pedestrians have been stopped from walking along the edge of the field/riverbank? Parents and children, as well as those with dogs, would often walk down to the waters edge and play there. Plus, quite a lot of walkers, some with dogs, would walk from the Bull Holme direction along the edge of Swinden Field and up the banking and along the canal side. Others would take the reverse route. The site of the track has all but stopped this. Do the majority not matter? Or did someone not find out how the public use this area?

In conclusion, I think we should be told the names of those that instigated/allowed the fencing off of Bull Holme car park at the site of the cycle track. After all, you like to name and shame those that leave a wheelie bin out or throw a cigarette butt out of a car window, so let’s see a little fairness and treat yourselves the same.

Carl Reis

Wheatley Lane Road,


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