MPs will have to battle it out for new constituency

I write with regard to the proposed new Constituency Boundaries.

The MPs will have to battle it out
The MPs will have to battle it out

I was elected as MP for Burnley on the new boundaries in 1983, prior to that the boundary had been the old County Borough Boundary.

In 1987 a further small change was made as Simonstone was transferred to Ribble Valley, having opted out of the Borough of Burnley.

I believe the new proposals are the best possible, working under the constraints applied by the Tory Government proposals to reduce the number of MPs to 600 and limit the tolerance to a 5% figure instead of 10%.

I see Evans and Stephenson are very much opposed to the new Colne Clitheroe Constituency which stretches from Trawden to Salmesbury like a long sausage.

Unfortunately, the fact is the problem has been caused by THEIR government.

These things are never easy as if you move one bit you then have to look at a whole ripple on effect.

So I am very sorry but they will have to fight it out between themselves as to who gets to stand in that new constituency.

Peter Pike

Deerpark Rd, Burnley