MP has helped prop uo Tory-led Government

Just before Christmas I read an interesting letter from Mr David Bellamy which expressed his 100% support for our MP, but then went on to say that he can no longer support LibDem policies.

House of Commons
House of Commons

He must realise that support for Mr Birtwistle is support for LibDem policies.

Over the past four-and-a-half years Mr Birtwistle has consistently voted with his party and helped to prop up a Tory-led Government that has introduced swingeing cuts to local government, closing nurseries, libraries and old people’s centres across the country.

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Mr Birtwistle voted in favour of the Bedroom Tax.

He voted against a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU.

He voted for more EU integration.

He voted against raising welfare benefits in line with prices.

He voted against strengthening the Military Covenant.

He voted for increasing the rate of VAT.

He voted for reducing the rate of Corporation Tax.

He voted for the introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners.

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He voted for selling England’s forests to private landowners.

This isn’t Labour Party spin, these facts are set out in Hansard and summarised in

I suggest Mr Bellamy visits that website to see just what damage our MP has caused.

If Mr Birtwistle wants to distance himself from Tory and LibDem policies let him stand as an Independent.

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Coun. Sue Graham

Marsden Road