Money being lost forever down EU plughole

Anger over British taxpayers being committed to paying £18m. into an EU propaganda fund while receiving just a tiny fraction back is totally justified.

But the real issue that must not be overlooked is that we should not be handing over any of our cash to Brussels at all. We should be heading immediately for the exit and keeping our money firmly in our own pockets.

This “Europe for Citizens” programme which will gobble up our £18m. over the next six years gave us just £300,000 last year and meanwhile sent generous grants to pro-European groups in other member states. It is another colossal propaganda scheme dreamt up by Eurocrats desperate to keep this doomed EU project afloat and willing to stoop to brainwashing and bribery.

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It is a waste of hard-working taxpayers money but then so is the £55m. we hand over every single day to them and again get just a fraction back.

Just think what we could do with such money if it stayed on this side of the Channel.

It could be used to pay for more nurses, doctors, teachers and emergency service personnel, roles which have all been dramatically cut back in these times of austerity.

That would be a wise and meaningful way of spending our cash rather than meekly handing it over to be lost forever down the EU plughole.

Paul Nuttall MEP

UKIP Deputy Leader and MEP for the North West