M65-Foulridge bypass would create rat run

The proposed M65 to Foulridge Bypass, contrary to ameliorating Colne’s (between hours) traffic congestion, would have the antipodal effect of creating a new and alternative rat-run for heavy freight, which ordinarily uses the M65 J8 to A59 via A6068/A671.
North Valley RoadNorth Valley Road
North Valley Road

The resulting bottleneck through the rural villages along the A56 would result in noise, disturbance and nuisance to the detriment of residential amenities.

Even by negating this factor (traffic survey) the pernicious bypass extension would certainly be inappropriate and unsympathetic to the appearance and character of the local environment.

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It would be out of keeping with the unspoiled and panoramic nature of the existing landscape, with mature oak, beech and ancient hedgerow enclosures; peaceful lakes and streams; ecological diversity; historic dwellings; well established canal, barge, cycle and walking routes; and would have an adverse effect on the visual amenity of the area as a whole.

If we are to weigh this proposal conscientiously in the balance of economic benefits against environmental losses then I am sure you will agree the environment wins out in this case.

Yes, one could argue the present congestion problem is in itself inherently environmental, but it still stands irresolute under both the currently biased nature of the proposal and for the above-mentioned special circumstances.

Rather than “go forwards at 100mph” it is surely time for those involved in resurrecting this plan to take a step back and consider doing a U–turn. Are we to hand over to the developers yet another irreplaceable portion of our local heritage and cultural inheritance?

Tom Sharples

Wood Street, Colne

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