LETTER: Youth MP campaigns on transport issue

On November 4th, I went to the House of Commons and represented Pendle, as I am the Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Pendle.

We debated five topics within the chamber - child poverty, no to tuition fees-yes to graduate tax, greener future, zero tolerance to bullying and transport - better, cheaper and more accessible for all.

The speaker, John Bercow, led the motions. There were about 380 MYPs in attendance and speakers spoke with passion and were to the point. Once all five topics had been debated, we all voted for the topic we wanted as the UK Youth Parliament’s national campaign. Transport - better, cheaper and more accessible for all got the majority of votes.

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I personally voted for no to tuition fees, yes to graduate tax, for the fact it was the most concern for under 18s in Pendle. The main aim of the campaign is to make transport cheaper and more accessible. I have my doubts about the campaign, as the Lancashire Youth Council dropped this as its campaign at County Hall.

However, as Pendle’s MYP, I will push the campaign and lobby councillors and the local MP and hopefully make the campaign worthwhile.


Pendle Member of Youth Parliament