LETTER: Young people of Gannow deserve youth club

I AGREE with comments made by P. Ingham (August 19th) in response to the withdrawal of youth workers at Gannow.

I applaud the youngsters for having the initiative to collect signatures for a petition, but as we all know that is just the beginning of the process. However, I am not sure our MP knows it. He joins the fight to save the youth club. Didn’t he vote at Westminster for the massive cuts to county councils. What is he going to actually do? Is he going to plead with his Government not to make such harsh cuts? Will he plead with his county councillor colleagues, of which Coun. Briggs is one, to overturn the cuts at County Hall? Our MP has got used to getting petitions signed, but I am not sure he knows what to do in the next process. Does somebody have to keep telling him? You are in charge now!

So, the leader of Burnley Council, who is also a county councillor, says it is now down to “us”. The county council has given us another month’s grace.

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Does that mean “he”, as a county councillor, has given himself a month’s grace?

Don’t the county councillors make the decisions? Who are this “us”? Quote: “It is in our hands. If we fail them now it is down to us”.

Are both the county councillors and Gannow borough councillors going to take the responsibility? I wait and hope they both succeed.

The youngsters of Gannow deserve nothing less.