LETTER: Work for poverty pay in NHS or resign

COULD I ask an open question to the MP for Burnley Gordon Birtwistle regarding the massive 40% pay cut being imposed on TUPE NHS staff who now work for Alternative Futures Group.

These cuts are being implemented by a government he supports. The people responsible for our dire economic position are living the life of riley.

Directors and senior management are enjoying bonuses galore, expense accounts and tax breaks. We the common man or woman are being forced into “poverty pay”.

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Alternative Futures Group are giving my wife no alternative: “sign a new contract or you’re sacked” come October 1st, 2012.

We are being given an alternative future – work for poverty pay or resign.

What is our MP going to do to help these people, some of whom no doubt voted for him.

People are going to lose their homes due to this. No redundancy, just sign or resign.

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The behaviour of AFG disgusts me. What about you Mr Birtwistle?


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