LETTER: Windmill subsidies are pushing up energy bills

I HAVE read with some amusement and astonishment at the truly wonderful fairy stories of Messrs David Penney and Gerard McCabe.

Gentlemen, in fairness to all our readers, when either of you wish to point out your total lack of knowledge on global warming, please start with those magic words “Once upon a time” then we all know you’re trying to con us.

For both of you, here’s some serious bad news on your claims that the world is going to disappear in a cloud of steam very shortly unless we all have a windmill on the roof and never drive a car again.

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Figures released this week by a group of world scientists point out that observations taken across the globe from 3,000 observation posts and verified by other groups of technicians show the world stopped heating up 16 years ago. These figures are not so far being attacked by the tree hugging society (and even I like trees) and those of Messrs Penney and McCabe of the Flat Earth Society or whoever they represent. Even worse guys, the sea ice off the South Pole is thicker now than it has been for many years.

And as Mr Dave Higginson pointed out, I believe we are probably just once again coming out of the last Ice Age of which there have been at least five covering many millions of years. These have documented proof. You can even go and see if you know what you’re looking for. It takes millions of years to get into an ice age, they last a few hundred thousand years and take a couple of hundred thousand to fully come out of it. In other words, the climate system is working normally for the world - in fact, in the past it’s been much hotter than now, and we didn’t have a motor car all those millions of years ago.

I accept without argument it’s good to cut unwanted emissions, stop poisoning the sea and recycle what we can, but please don’t make it a religion, and don’t blame everything on a non-existent global warming.

Now just a word on windmills and wind power. First, my private view. They are a obscene scar on our wonderful countryside. They are also reasonably useless. At best they run at around 26% efficient. They only work when the wind blows, if it blows too much, you have to turn them off. Two weeks ago, you and I paid the robbers who own these things £34m. in compensation because they had to turn them off because it got too windy. Welcome to barmy Britain.

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And those of you who, like me, are now worried about the latest coming rises in your energy bills, well you thank the Government, especially the Lib-Dems, praise Messrs Penny and McCabe and their fairyland team, because it’s this useless drive on silly windmills that is being forced through on eye watering subsidies that are causing both tax and energy bills to rise and its nuts.

You can burn coal cleanly these days and we still have millions of tonnes of it. Successive Governments of both shades have ducked the energy requirements for the country, but it’s going to hit home soon, and a blasted windmill isn’t going to cure it. But a few dozen wave power plants may help a little, you cannot see them and they are guaranteed to always work at least twice a day, and if the wind in this case does get going they will work longer.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield

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