LETTER: Wind farm narrow escape for Higham and Fence

Those who watched the recent BBC2 programme “Wind Farm Wars” will realise what a narrow escape Higham and Fence have had from these useless monstrosities being constructed on our doorstep. Further damaging evidence in the case against them is going to be revealed in the High Court in July when the case of Mrs Jane Davis is heard.

Mrs Davis and her husband have been driven out of their farmhouse in Lincolnshire by the nuisance from a wind farm constructed 930m away from their home, to which they did not object, thinking it would not affect them. How wrong they were! They have had to rent accommodation in a nearby village in order to be able to sleep at nights. They have already received a reduction in their council tax assessment on the basis that their house has been rendered uninhabitable. And they are not alone - others have also been driven out of their homes elsewhere.

It will be interesting, to say the least, to see the High Court’s judgement in due course when the issues have been fully aired.


Acre House, Higham

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