LETTER: Why should voters bother when candidates in local elections don’t?

How different today’s local elections are to years ago.

Then - candidates actually visited the residents, introduced themselves, discussed their policies. If you hadn’t voted before closing time of polling station, they visited you and offered to take you there.

At this last May election, the only information, leaflets, newsletters we received were from the Liberal Democrat candidate – we actually knew her name. From the other parties, nothing. But for the Express printing a list of candidates standing for each ward - we wouldn’t have known their names at all.

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I believe everyone should use their vote in a democracy but is it any wonder the public are so lethargic at voting when the candidates themselves can’t be bothered? Especially now councillors are re-imbursed for their services. No wonder the turnout was only 39.% in the North-West. We aren’t shown much example.