LETTER: Why build more homes when there are so many for sale?

In the April 11th edition of the Advertiser, you say under the heading “Read Hall About It!” there are “hundreds of homes for sale with local estate agents”.

My letter to you (March 21st) was about the many houses for sale in Whalley, and why, therefore, do we need any more. Your statement above widens the question to the whole Ribble Valley: if the are “hundreds of homes for sale”, why should any more be built? Who will benefit? Not the ones who wish to buy a house here: they are freely available in all sizes and types, from terrace houses to country mansions.

The present inhabitants of the Valley will not benefit from new building, with the overwhelming pressure it will bring on our services and amenities.

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The only ones to gain will be the developers, who have no interest in our valley other than to see how much wealth they can wring out of it, and a few contemptible land-owners who are willing to sell their heritage for a mess of pottage.

Why should any more houses be built here? With hundreds for sale now, valley-wide, who would benefit by building any more? I would like a clear answer.

Norman Thorpe,

Mitton Road, Whalley

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