LETTER: Who stole the hybrid snowdrops?

On my regular cycle ride around the Ribble Valley Countryside I came across a “hybrid” snowdrop.

This plant was among a normal bed of snowdrops by the roadside, the difference being this plant was multi-coloured, there were orange, yellow, red and white, purple as well as a few white flower heads.

Me not being of the “green fingered brigade” I asked the wife if she would take a look to confirm the variety. The wife said it was definitely a hybrid snowdrop and took several photos of it.

Two days later on my cycle ride there was a black hole were some selfish individual had stolen the plant. Obviously the person responsible is well aware of the location, which was on the Worston Road near its exit at Clitheroe Golf Club.

I hope the person responsible feels proud for depriving others of the chance of seeing the flowers in their natural surroundings. Well done!


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