LETTER: What will our MP take responsibility for?

In response to Gordon Birtwistle’s letter of December 9th entitled “I am working hard for Burnley”.

First, I would like on the record that I welcome the recent good news regarding the Weavers’ Triangle, Todmorden Curve and Burnley Bridge Business Park.

I know the MP would like to take all the credit for progress on these projects so that being the case perhaps he would also like to take responsibility as a member of the Government for the following over the last 18 months: cuts in living standards for hard pressed families, record numbers of young unemployed, university tuition fees trebled, Burnley as a single constituency to disappear, Police numbers cut, NHS services continue to leave the area and the elderly afraid to switch their heating on.

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I do not remember any of these being promised in his election manifesto and he must have worked hard with his Tory colleagues to create such a dire situation so quickly.