LETTER: What the Green Party actually stands for

Your correspondent Derek Mann says “the Greens make a lot of noise but are hardly consistent or clear on any policy”.

May I take this opportunity to clarify a few things for Mr Mann?

The Green Party aims to provide wellbeing and prosperity for all within the limits of our planet.

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A caring, co-operative and inclusive Green society would provide everyone with opportunities to do valuable work, pursue their interests, interact with their community, carry on learning and enjoy nature.

A Green government would apply bold solutions to the social, economic and environmental crises we face – such as the mass species extinction under way – through its commitment to equality, citizen participation, peace and the environment.

We would create jobs making our homes and workplaces energy-efficient; our public transport and local food networks reliable and convenient; and our energy sources affordable, renewable and resilient.

Work would pay at least a living wage, thus ensuring a good quality of life, with a Citizen’s Pension providing dignified retirement.

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Our tax system would ensure people make a fair contribution according to their ability to pay. We stand for high quality public services run for people, not for private profit.

We are committed to protecting the National Health Service and Post Office from privatisation.

And we are also committed to returning our energy, water and rail networks to public ownership.

We would strengthen our education system by providing free school meals, abolishing higher education tuition fees and protecting schools’ independence. We would separate retail and investment banks and create a network of not-for-profit community lenders.

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We would support co-operative, diverse and resilient community economies that use resources fairly and responsibly, to replace the current focus on status-driven consumption and wealth concentration, which is bankrupting future generations with our environmental and financial debts.

We would regulate, tax and invest to protect workers’ rights, support socially beneficial businesses and safeguard our land, air and water from pollution.

With values and policies that embody genuine democracy and universal compassion, the Green Party is uniquely able to lead the United Kingdom to a future empowered by high-quality public services, with social diversity embraced and all humans and other species valued and respected.

These policies are both consistent and clear.

Yes, Mr Mann, we do tend to make a lot of noise. But we also believe that creating a fairer society is worth making a lot of noise about.


Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Green Party