LETTER: Whalley Britain in Bloom

The Whalley Britain in Bloom group is derived from Whalley Chamber of Trade.

All of the helpers, including John Everiss, are volunteers to aid in this fabulous effort within the village of Whalley to a) make it more attractive for the village/shops/visitors and b) to enter Britain in Bloom and Best Kept Village. After winning Best Kept Village in 2008 with the efforts of the local community we were urged on to aim for Britian in Bloom.

There is no financial gain for the team and they are giving many hours and donations willingly. We have raised the money ourselves with the aid of local people’s support and do not rely on the council for this. This effort is not just for one day.

The volunteers have already spent the last few years making Vale Gardens more attractive with their voluntary planting (supported by Whalley Chamber). This project will create local interest and volunteers who are willing to sustain and make the whole area of Whalley more attractive. The team of people involved are local people who want to make a difference to the village and should be encouraged. We have very few people who are so beneficent in the village and it is great to see that so many are doing so much for the greater good.

Whalley Chamber of Trade do raise funds for charity and support local good causes and groups. It has been a privilege to support such a worthwhile cause.


Chair of Whalley Chamber of Trade